Summer Salon

I was an assistant curator for the Summer Salon alongside Marguerite Brown. I will be sitting the exhibition over the summer.

Summer Salon Launch 7/12/18 drinks from 6-8pm with Prize announcement. Collins Place Gallery, 45 Collins st, Melbourne. 

Dec 1 – Jan 31

Commissioned Editions

Collins Place gallery

The Print Council of Australia is pleased to present the latest Print Commission and the launch of the PCA Biennial Print Exchange 2018, which features works by 86 contemporary artists from around Australia.

Curated by Georgia Steele

Dates- October 31-November 16


Let’s Talk About Text

Bring your reading glasses because “Let’s Talk About Text” might have you feeling like you’re reading a novel. By the end though all these artists will have you thinking differently about text, type, and words. Whether it is the main feature or a subtle element in a composition, text brings another dimension to artwork and we’re excited to showcase artists utilising this graphic element.

Reference: Katherine Reynolds

The Mountains are Calling

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” — George Bernard Shaw

Artist book, Concertina, edition of 3                                                                                         Cyanotype, Photographic screen print on archival paper.


Only Human

Group show- Collins place, Gallery                                                                                                    May 7th-25th, 2018

‘Doorways to New Place’ 2017-18
Doorways to New Places, is a series of works that is inspired by escapism. Finding a place weather it be internal or external a time for ones self. The doorways are represented as a metaphor and reflect dreams of travel to escape and explore. The mask across the eyes of the girls represents personal growth and development interanally through ones surroundings. Nature is a key theme that is present in the works. Nature is a place of sanctuary a time for development and growth.


‘Paste’- Exhibition 

The 30th  of September was the opening of ‘Paste’ a group show all about collage at the Burrinja Cultural Centre with Growing Pains Initiative. I presented two seperate Screenprinting series an artist book and a photographic etching. Exhibition on until 17th of November .